Support for All Window Applications/Software

Every computer and Internet user will be well known about using emails. If it’s getting tough for you to set up an account, let the team of PC Tech Specialist do it for you, whether it is with your old or existing or new account. We provide our support for setting up a new or existing email account and setting up a archive of old emails.

Do you need help with your software and application issues? Are they troubling you every now and then? Call us and get your applications and software issues resolved. It won’t take much time, give you results along with complete peace of mind.


We offer all types of software and application installation support and over the phone services. It is done is minute and worth all the put efforts.


Remove and uninstall all the useless applications and software. Get relief from the irritating troubles that used to pop out every very minute.

Renew/ Upgrade

Boost the efficiency of your PC, with latest software and application upgrades. Let your PC get alive with best and beneficial updates.

Other technical services

Boost the life of your PC with PC Tech Specialist, because, “Prevention is always better than cure.” When it happens, we’ll be there to sort out things, provide back up and get it running like new. We also offer services like virus removal, software and hardware support, operating system support, and much more.

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